Thank You Silver

pH Structured Silver is only available to approved health professionals for use within hospitals and clinics.

We frequently receive questions from people who are not able to access for pH Structured Silver about where they can find recommended products. This may be for a family member across the continent, for a health business that is ineligible to carry pH Structured Silver, or for one of a hundred other situations.

Fortunately, we can recommend Thank You Silver. Thank You Silver is a sister product to pH Structured Silver and is available to the general public via eCommerce at


Thank You Silver


Note to patients taking pH Structured Silver: pH Structured Silver has several unique attributes. If you have received pH Structured Silver from your health care professional, be sure to check in with them again for additional pH Structured Silver supplies and consultation.

Your trusted health care professional knows your individual situation, knows how pH Structured Silver works, and can make specific recommendations to help you achieve optimal health. Keep working with them closely for best results!